SERG – Skill Effects Reference Guide for 5e, by Two Starving Gnolls

TSG is back with a new Kickstarter, and this time they are entering the world’s most played RPG; Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). TSG has created the SERG: Skill Effect Reference Guide. With this they introduce three new things into D&D:

  1. Critical fails and fumbles when players roll a 1 or 20 on the die when attempting Skill Checks.
  2. Creative use of Skills: Separate section with how you can use Skills in creative ways.
  3. Skill Quests: Small adventures that are based on solving only with the help of Skills (and not combat).

Overall, SERG should offer a lot of new and exciting things for everyone who likes D&D.

Pre-launch page:
Promo video: SERG – Kickstarter (